2021 Graduation

A Thank You Note

As I wrap up my academic career, I am so proud. I’m tired, yes – but I’m proud. It’s been a journey of growth, and self-reflection. One of consistent grinding & then abrupt change due to the pandemic. The grind never stopped. I’m grateful to have experienced graduate school with so many amazing people supporting me.

I feel very blessed to have made it this far in my educational pursuits. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I persevered through graduate school. On May 14th, I graduated from the Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences department at Rollins School of Public Health – the #4 school for public health in the country! I will continue my position as a Health Communication Specialist in the Division for Cancer Control and Prevention at the CDC. To celebrate these accomplishments, I have decided to use my platform to establish a scholarship fund to benefit a senior student at Marion High School (my alma mater) and Riverside High School, where I served as a college advisor for a year.

I would not be where I am without the generosity of family, friends, and scholarship donors. I would sincerely appreciate your donation to this fund so I can continue to support students in the ways I have felt supported throughout my entire educational career. Learn more about the Pursuit of Purpose Scholarship and my non-profit organization, P. O. Purpose, Inc. which are both launching publicly on May 15, 2021 in honor of my wrapping up school.

Despite the fact that our ability to celebrate together is still limited to virtual events, I acknowledge my community and the value you all bring to this time in my life.

Thank you so much for your support.
XOXO, Arbre’ya

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About My Time at Rollins

While at Rollins I was very involved. As a member of the Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences (BSHES) department, I was a department representative on Rollins Student Government Association. I worked closely with department leadership to establish a mentoring program to benefit first & second year students and create an environment centered around community.
As a first year student, I worked on campus as a graduate assistant for health promotion at the Office of health promotion. At the start of the pandemic, I worked on the COVID-19 CROWN taskforce, which was a volunteer student group to address issues that were brought up in the Rollins Community due to COVID. During summer 2020, I got a job as a Health Communication Specialist to fulfill my Practicum requirement for school. It turned out to be a great position – which is why I’m still there. 🙂 During my second year at Rollins, I worked part-time for the department as a graduate assistant to develop a Peer Mentoring Program called BSHES P2P Mentoring Program. I enjoyed my time as a Rollins student, and I look forward to staying connected as an alum.

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