P.O. Purpose Inc.

P.O. Purpose Logo: Rainbow themed-inclusive shooting stars above a path that comes from a heart shaped book. Beneath the image logo is the organization name and motto: "A purpose sought, leads to a life fulfilled"
P.O. Purpose Logo

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The mission of Pursuit of Purpose Inc is to encourage and empower minority students to live a fulfilled life by engaging in intentional self-development..

Pursuit of Purpose is a qualifying 501c(3) non-profit organization, which operates within the state of Georgia. All donations are tax deductible. EIN: 86-2816083

P.O.Purpose Tenets

Higher Education/Scholarship

P. O. Purpose, Inc. aims to provide educational resources and scholarship awards to minority students who have historically been disadvantaged due to systematic inequities. This organization aims to empower students with the knowledge and resources to understand purpose and live a fulfilled life.

Financial Literacy

P. O. Purpose, Inc. envisions a world where talking about money is not taboo. The organization will host virtual events, partner with credit unions, and provide resources to educate young adults about money. Possible topics include: budgeting, saving, investing, credit/credit cards, student loans, etc.


P. O. Purpose, Inc. will provide students the opportunity to form relationships with mentors both formally and informally. Internally, we value inter-personal connections as a way to help students on their journey to pursuing their purpose.

Black Health

P. O. Purpose encourages the prioritization of health in black communities. Achieving health equity and is an important, interdisciplinary goal. The organization will provide events and resources to

Board of Directors

Arbre’ya Lewis

Chair of Board, President

Stephanie Lewis

Scholarship Board Member, P.O.P. Secretary

Hildana Haileyesus

Scholarship Board Member

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